The Impact Bill – how your stay benefits the local community

24 January 2022
Kasiiya supports the people of Guanacaste and Costa Rica, preserving their culture and natural environment.
This commitment means we build without environmental impact, we employ local people wherever possible, we buy local produce and materials to support our immediate communities and tradesmen, and we re-invest a percentage of any profit we make back into local conservation projects as well as businesses and villages to help them become self-sufficient in their own right. By staying at Kasiiya you are helping and benefiting the people and region of Guanacaste and Costa Rica as a whole.


Where the money was spent in 2021:

Staffing costs: A majority of our team are hired from the local communities and trained to international hospitality and construction standards.
Operational costs: This covers the day-to-day costs of running Kasiiya. It includes the food and drinks served to guests, most of which is purchased in Guanacaste, supporting local farmers and tradesmen. We only buy produce that has been grown without pesticides promoting less damaging farming methods throughout the region. It also includes logistics, such as vehicle and fuel expenses; the ongoing maintenance of the wildlife and infrastructure at the Kasiiya peninsula; and finally this also covers various taxes paid to the local and national government.

Commission, sales and marketing: In order to attract guests, Kasiiya spends 24% of our turnover raising awareness. This is done through PR and marketing agencies, local sales teams and through travel agents, tour operators and websites such as

Profit and future investment: Of the remaining 8% of turnover, 6% is invested into the further development of Kasiiya and split between the partners as a profit share.

Local social project investment: This leaves 2% of the entire turnover to invest in local and regional projects. In 2021, the four projects included providing support for the Guanacaste tropical dry forest conservation; investing in a local carpentry business, providing financial support for a local school and investing in projects that conserve the local coral reef and turtles at Kasiiya. This allows for the maintenance and celebration of local skills, culture and artistic expression.


The local social projects of 2021:

Phase 2 – Local Carpentry Shop

  • Ongoing financial and administrative support for a former Kasiiya employee to grow his new carpentry business
  • Partnership opportunity with Kasiiya Design (our architectural and design department)
  • The launch and marketing of a website for the business which, in time, will expand to offer work from other craftsmen in the region

Investment Into The Schools Of Our Staff

  • In 2021, we developed new bathroom facilities at the school in Nuevo Colon, improving sanitation for young people in the village nearest Kasiiya
  • In 2022, we will build an additional important facility at the schools of a further two villages where our staff have children

Community Healing School

  • For every treatment provided to a Kasiiya guest, we will also be providing a treatment to people in the villages that surround us
  • We believe people face similar health and wellbeing challenges regardless of their wealth, circumstance or culture so these treatments will be provided free-of-charge to those that need it
  • The treatments offered to local people will be in three parts: diagnosis, treatment and general health advice
  • We will also teach our healing and wellbeing practices to local villagers to increase employment opportunities

Ongoing Conservation Work

  • In 2022, we will be continuing our support for a range of environmental conservation projects
  • As part of this, we will be working with the Guanacaste Dry Forest Conservation Fund further protecting the last tropical dry forest in Mezzoamerica
  • We will also be implementing several turtle nest conservation initiatives on our three beaches.

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