find your pace in nature

share the fresh forest air with an extraordinary world of wildlife and the thousands of species of plants living harmoniously in this vast ecosystem.

Kasiiya Papagayo is set in the fringes of the Costa Rican forest, where wildlife thrives and flora is left to bloom and flourish. Home to deer, monkeys and thousands of other species, you can expect up-close, rare and personal encounters with wildlife before you’ve even stepped foot from your private deck.

Wake up to the call of the howler monkey. Fall asleep to the calm of the ocean. Be one of a lucky few to experience nature as it should be on your trip of a lifetime. Sustainability is a way of life here, and the deep respect we have for our environment comes as second nature to us.

a nature lover’s paradise all year round

The dry forest surrounding our property offers a change of scenery from much of Costa Rica, where the lofty layers of vegetation that ordinarily shield the skies make way for glorious sunsets and starry nights. The dry season between December and April sees the landscape transformed as many of the trees shed their leaves to create natural winding walkways.

kassiya nature howler monkey

Four Species of Monkey.

The forests of Costa Rica are home to four unique species of monkey. Watch the howler monkeys swing gracefully from tree to tree or the spider monkey foraging for fruit along our two pristine beaches, clad with mango trees.

Bird | Kasiiya Luxury Eco Retreat in Costa Rica

A Bird Watcher's Paradise.

Costa Rica boasts over 850 species of bird, with many classified as rare or endemic. The forest surrounding your suite is the ideal environment for bird spotting, with everything from the magnificent Frigatebird to the Crested Caracara passing through or living amongst the forest canopy.

Ocean | Kasiiya | Luxury Eco Retreat Costa Rica

A Vibrant Underwater World.

The Papayago Gulf is brimming with vibrant sea life, with everything from parrot fish to manta rays living in harmony amid the colourful coral. Sea turtles are frequent visitors to our two beaches between the months of October through to March – a rare opportunity to witness these majestic creatures returning to the coast to nest.

Kasiiya Flora | Luxury Eco Lodge Costa Rica

Unique Plant Life.

There are over 10,000 species of plants to be found in the forests of Costa Rica, with over 1300 varieties of orchid alone. Your luxury suite is surrounded by seasonal greenery and indigenous plants in abundance.

Something magical is happening at Costa Rica's best kept secret. We are currently enhancing Kasiiya and will soon be releasing limited availability for late 2018. Until then, join us on our exciting journey...

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