Costa Rica leads the ecological diversity habitats in the world. Guanacaste, is the last tropical dry forest in Central America. As a result, we have a responsibility to the environment and its community.

Sustainability and respect for nature are at the heart of the Kasiiya concept. You could dismantle Kasiiya within 48 hours and never know it had been there. Kasiiya hires and trains people from neighboring villages to work at the hotel. We source produce and materials from local farmers, tradesmen and craftsmen. You can read more about our Impact Bill by clicking here. In 2021, 78% of all our costs stayed in Costa Rica. Kasiiya invests 20% of all profits into social and environmental programs. Amongst our existing social projects:
  • Our entrepreneurship program finances one carpentry and one healing center.
  • We have a turtle conservation operation.
  • We build extra space in local schools. This improves the study’s conditions of our colleague’s children.
The Kasiiya team tries to make tourism a benefit for all. Each guest’s stay reinforces the sustainability of our region. The commitment of our staff and interaction with guests builds our reputation. This improves the wellbeing of the community as a whole. We have created a virtuous circle. The wellbeing of the guests starts with the wellbeing of the staff. Our guests know their stay at Kasiiya is beneficial for both the people and nature of the region. Kasiiya demonstrates tourism can improve the social and environmental conditions of a community.
What our guests say about Kasiiya
Our Commitment to Climate Change
We understand any form of travel has a carbon footprint. This is why we never cut down trees. It’s why we use solar power wherever possible. It’s also why we use locally-grown produce and promote a farm-to-table mentality in our menus.
When we first opened, we had to import 80% of our furniture. Now we buy 80% of our furniture from the local Eco shop. This reduces our carbon footprint. Eco is a local carpenter shop and part of our entrepreneurship foundation. You can find out more by clicking here.
In the coming months and years, we plan to go further by actually reversing our impact on the climate. We plan to buy a corridor of mixed forest and agricultural land to create a sanctuary. We will create a forest corridor for endangered species. It also offsets any carbon our guests use reaching us.
Our Commitment to Making Luxury Travel Sustainable
Luxury travel can be sustainable. Luxury incorporates the suites themselves as well as the service and facilities. The challenge is to achieve the best levels of luxury whilst connecting guests to nature.
We listen to feedback from guests. We use this feedback to evolve and ensure we exceed expectations. We ensure the design and architecture are sustainable. We use renewable materials from our region. We do not have a negative impact on the environment.
Kasiiya has won countless prestigious awards for our efforts.


Our Commitment to the Community
Our local communities play a fundamental part in the Kasiiya experience. How can you say you have visited a place if you have limited exposure to local customs and people? Kasiiya has a policy to hire only local people. We buy as much produce as possible from local farms and communities. This cuts air miles and ensures a fair income for local people.
Responsibility to the local community is about more than employment or buying power. We use our profits to paint and restore local villages. We have built bathroom facilities at local schools. We invest in our staff to provide opportunities to start their own businesses. This includes a carpentry shop and a healing centre for local communities. We support our community through a difficult and ever-changing world.


Our Commitment to Local Culture and Wellness

All over the world, people face similar trials and challenges. They face problems regardless of income, circumstances or culture. A mother is a mother the world over. We have established a ‘school’ of wellness and Costa Rican style. We combine the teachings of the best healers in the world with the essence of nature. Kasiiya also provides wellness treatments without charge to local people who need it.