” … if you choose to adventure- they will take you on adventures and learning trips of a lifetime!” “If you want an adventurous holiday: skilled naturalists and conservation efforts abound.” “Kasiiya is an oasis nestled with utmost care in untarnished wilderness; a beacon of tasteful design and luxury; and a flourishing community that is at the forefront of striking the perfect balance between man and nature.” “Amazing honeymoon trip … Everything was super easy and it felt like you had your own private beach because of how quiet and tranquil the entire property is.” “Kasiiya’s degree of accountability for their eco-footprint is not something I have ever come across before in many years of staying in luxury hotels.” “The experience is earth-shattering, and Yamuna has an incredible gift.” “The tents blend seamlessly into the landscape so you feel completely immersed in surrounding nature. On one hand, it’s raw and on the other, it’s luxurious, just a perfect balance.” “On the edge of a tropical dry forest on the northwestern coast of Costa Rica is a wilderness retreat that turns the whole concept of a luxury resort on its head. Remote and untamed, Kasiiya Papagayo … is a world away from the manicured estates and raked beaches of the big-name resorts, whose lights glitter on the far side of the Gulf of Papagayo.” “It is 5 am on a Sunday and I am wide awake… Around my canvas-walled suite, a full orchestra of jungle creatures is warming up for its daily dawn symphony… By the time I’ve made a coffee and orange light is washing over the priapic cacti that top the coastal cliffs, white-faced monkeys have joined in the chorus with angry little staccato calls. As wake-ups go, it couldn’t be wilder…”     “Our favorite beach resorts for a winter escape in 2022… The remoteness of the property means that guests have the jungle and two volcanic-sand beaches entirely to themselves. While the main beach has beautiful views, as well as the best snorkelling in the region, the real gem is Portuguesa, a virgin stretch… that can be set up for a private candlelit dinner.”