“The food! It was so good and fresh. A lot of local fish and beef … sea bass ceviche with mango on top, the passion fruit jelly with whipped cream, the breakfast wrap with eggs and plantains …” “The food is fresh, local, and gourmet. Michelin star style … Dinner is served with a side of kaleidoscope sunset.” Every meal was unique and a culinary adventure. I had never consistently had such fresh food and give so much credit to the chef and staff for making the meals spectacular.”

“We wanted delicious food with superb service: multi-course breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all included, as are non-alcoholic drinks. You are never rushed, never left hungry, and fed with the freshest ingredients.” “Delicious 3 course meals with fresh and largely local ingredients with impeccable service.” “My husband and I have very strict dietary restrictions and they accommodated us perfectly… they had created special options for us, which was so helpful and great! The food was also delicious!!”