“Kasiiya not a hotel or a resort, it really is the closest I have ever experienced to a paradise.” “The experience is unforgettable, not only for the lush nature, but also for the spacious, luxurious and eco-friendly tented suites.” “Kasiiya is an oasis nestled with utmost care in untarnished wilderness; a beacon of tasteful design and luxury; and a flourishing community that is at the forefront of striking the perfect balance between man and nature.” “Kasiiya is something new, refreshing, luxurious and yet “sauvage” on a peninsula jutting out into the ocean where each evening closes with the single most magnificent sunset I have ever seen……until the next sunset.” “The attention to detail and excellent client service makes everything seamless and lets you enjoy the experience to the fullest. Because Kasiiya is just that, an experience of privacy in paradisethe highest of luxury!”  “Our 2-week stay in one of the Laughing Whale Suites at Kasiiya has exceeded all our expectations and what we have experienced in other high-end hotels.” “Kasiiya is a highly recommended, exclusive and original place! Unique paradise, peaceful, relaxing, high level, top service, good people, great food, great accommodations, mega leisure activities. It’s unlike any other sustainable accommodation we’ve seen.” “Kasiiya is one of those rare luxury experiences that connects with nature just as well as it pampers.” “From the moment you arrive, you feel like you are part of the Kasiiya family – the smiles and genuine care takes it to another level of hospitality.”