“On the edge of a tropical dry forest on the northwestern coast of Costa Rica is a wilderness retreat that turns the whole concept of a luxury resort on its head. Remote and untamed, Kasiiya Papagayo … is a world away from the manicured estates and raked beaches of the big-name resorts, whose lights glitter on the far side of the Gulf of Papagayo.” “It is 5 am on a Sunday and I am wide awake… Around my canvas-walled suite, a full orchestra of jungle creatures is warming up for its daily dawn symphony… By the time I’ve made a coffee and orange light is washing over the priapic cacti that top the coastal cliffs, white-faced monkeys have joined in the chorus with angry little staccato calls. As wake-ups go, it couldn’t be wilder…”     “Our favorite beach resorts for a winter escape in 2022… The remoteness of the property means that guests have the jungle and two volcanic-sand beaches entirely to themselves. While the main beach has beautiful views, as well as the best snorkelling in the region, the real gem is Portuguesa, a virgin stretch… that can be set up for a private candlelit dinner.” “It was while I was watching a group of howler monkeys that I first realized Kasiiya’s low-key appearance is entirely deliberate. If the simple structures were removed, within weeks no one would be able to tell that they had ever existed… Outside, we found a deck occupied by an enormous iguana, about the size of a beagle. Descending some wooden steps, we came to a glorious empty beach, a half-mile stretch of golden sand.” “Barely visible from the sea or sky, Kasiiya Papagayo takes full advantage of its jungled landscape, blending into the coastal rainforests of Costa Rica’s far-flung Papagayo Peninsula… In keeping with “leave no trace” design principles, the structures rest on platforms raised a few feet above the ground. The result? A property that lives in harmony with nature.” “…this serene, eco-friendly lodge is an idyllic place to focus on mind and body wellness – in whatever ways appeal to you. Start the day with a private yoga or movement session, explore the 123-acres (including two secluded sandy beaches) on a naturalist-led hike, or head to the spa for treatments that were developed by the in-house healer and incorporate local oils, muds and volcanic stones.” “The Kasiiya experience is one of self-discovery in nature, with an emphasis on mind-body wellness… Kasiiya’s sustainability mantra begins with a no-impact design. Construction plans were tailored to the topography to avoid sacrificing even a single tree… The result: a resort that can be dismounted without a trace.” “The hotel’s name means ‘find your pace’ in Swahili and it’s all about connecting guests to the natural surroundings… award-winning safari-style tented cabins are dotted on the beach and clifftop. Within the 123-acre grounds is a spa, where you can indulge in a restorative massage or healing treatment by resident healer Yamuna (who counts Brad Pitt as one of his clients).” “Pause. Breathe. Discover. This is Kasiiya’s mantra for its guests. Unwind and rejuvenate in this secluded nature retreat which won an international architecture award for its seven immaculately crafted luxury tented suites. Each suite offers amazing sea views and some even include both indoor and outdoor showers and tubs. All the luxury amenities are provided while being surrounded by nature’s finest.” “Kasiiya Papagayo is a boutique hotel in Costa Rica, which has been carefully integrated into the hillside to not disturb the surrounding landscape. From the very beginning, the conservation of the tropical forest has been paramount. The space has been built on timber platforms from natural materials. The intention throughout the project was not just to have minimal impact on the environment, but zero.”