Great activities– private SCUBA dive boat picks you up right there on the beach, stunning kayaking/paddle boarding in the bay, napping in the shady beach chairs, hiking on site.” “Food was exquisite! Every meal was precisely and thoughtfully prepared.” “Kasiiya not a hotel or a resort, it really is the closest I have ever experienced to a paradise.” “My lasting image of our time at Kasiiya is being out in the ocean standing on a paddle board … looking at Kasiiya and seeing virtually nothing except the roof of the Sunset Lounge at the top of the hill.” “The culinary experience is designed to allow you to taste the best of the local produce & tradition so everything is super fresh and prepared with love.” “They offered super helpful guides/staff for every single one of those activities …” “A day trip to the Arenal volcano … the most authentic experience I’ve had in years.” “The way each of the tents is set up is to give you maximum privacy & comfort while you’re enjoying the stunning nature of your surroundings.” “The architecture and the concept behind it is absolutely breathtaking.” “I was already in awe at the luscious nature and private beaches, but the rooms and the dinner location nailed it for me.”