“If you want an adventurous holiday: skilled naturalists and conservation efforts abound.” “Kasiiya is an oasis nestled with utmost care in untarnished wilderness; a beacon of tasteful design and luxury; and a flourishing community that is at the forefront of striking the perfect balance between man and nature.” ” … if you choose to adventure- they will take you on adventures and learning trips of a lifetime!” “The tents blend seamlessly into the landscape so you feel completely immersed in surrounding nature. On one hand, it’s raw and on the other, it’s luxurious, just a perfect balance.” “The experience is earth-shattering, and Yamuna has an incredible gift.” “AMAZING! Perfect for our Honeymoon. Food was wonderful and the views are one in a million. 5 star service. Very secluded and private. Every meal was unique and a culinary adventure. I had never consistently had such fresh food and give so much credit to the chef and staff for making the meals spectacular.”

“… people being trained and coached up to manufacture locally which in turn will help them build more sustainable lives. The plan – not to just to see them succeed; not with the hope of helping the local community with a new green company; not in the hopes of their success to reward them with an interest free loan to continue building a thriving company but rather with the intention of giving the entire manufacturing plant to the people. Giving back.  Helping. Encouraging.” “Kasiiya is something new, refreshing, luxurious and yet “sauvage” on a peninsula jutting out into the ocean where each evening closes with the single most magnificent sunset I have ever seen……until the next sunset.” “From accommodating our every meal request to constantly seeking to do whatever possible to make our honeymoon special; in many ways, we felt like the resort’s only guests.”