“My lasting image of our time at Kasiiya is being out in the ocean standing on a paddle board … looking at Kasiiya and seeing virtually nothing except the roof of the Sunset Lounge at the top of the hill.” “Kasiiya’s degree of accountability for their eco-footprint is not something I have ever come across before in many years of staying in luxury hotels.” “… people being trained and coached up to manufacture locally which in turn will help them build more sustainable lives. The plan – not to just to see them succeed; not with the hope of helping the local community with a new green company; not in the hopes of their success to reward them with an interest free loan to continue building a thriving company but rather with the intention of giving the entire manufacturing plant to the people. Giving back.  Helping. Encouraging.” “It’s unlike any other sustainable accommodation we’ve seen.” “Kasiiya is super focused on their environmental impact.” “The owner and architects of the resort wanted to keep the habitat (dry forest) with as little alteration for the hotel as possible. And so when you look at the hotel from the ocean when you are swimming or from the other mountain when we went on a hike, you can hardly see it within the trees. It is amazing. The rooms are built without foundations and on platforms so they didn’t need to chop down trees and they are fully on solar and are sustainable. We were very happy to be at a sustainable (and beautiful) resort!